Our trinquet to play "basque pelote"

"Basque pelota", beyond all specialties with complicated names for people who do not know, it is a sport with simple rules: play the pelota with or without instrument against a wall. After there is a whole story of instruments, lines, xilo, fillet and jargon depending on the specialty but that you learn by looking, it's easy you will see.

The villages of our dear Basque Country all have a history linked to the ball.

Bidart is no exception to the rule, you can imagine!

There are the facilities of the town: a "small" pediment on the village square where we play mostly with bare hands (during the summer tournament) or pala (in fine weather after school);just below, near the RD810 there is the large pediment, on which we play at large chistera - spectacular! - every Tuesday and Friday in season there are games by professional players and amateurs of the specialty. There is also the Kirolak "wall on the left" where you face Cesta Punta - even more spectacular - and Pala.

But also a private installation, ours, the trinquet of Elissaldia!

Our trinquet is a covered sports court where we play Basque pelota.It can be book for our hotel guests according to availability. 

People says our trinquet is atypical, we like the idea of knowing that it is unique!

With its nooks and crannies, it is like no other and many players like to come face to face!

Each year, from November to May, the Ttotte Exposito tournament is organized in tribute to our grandfather. It is a highlight in the life of the village to which the family, the players and our regulars are attached. The finals are traditionally held on May 8.